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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

young summoner and glowing cave

some vehicle designs

cute creature designs!

creature designs for a hypothetical game, “Marshmallow Road” - basically pokemon-like battle creatures, crossed with candies/pastries, aimed toward eight-yr-old girls.

Mintaliz - super fresh breath!
Hoppicup - shy cupcake type with an icing tail
Chocolate Mousse - always dripping chocolate from his nose. look for strawberry and vanilla mousse too!
Pompapuff - the squirrel that shoots jawbreakers from its cheeks!
Effapop - the giraffe with a lollipop mohawk. will whack you with it’s tail.
Dinorex - with gumdrop spikes and a cute wagging tail
Butterawr - its mane is made of butterscotches, the feel-good candy. it is always sleepy or crying, but its claws are sharp!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

final version


year of the rabbit idea; messed up the process with the varnish, so it's a dead rabbit idea now.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Hit a Girl and I Liked It

I don't like Katy Perry. I think her songs about homosexuality are ignorant and, while maybe well-intentioned, ultimately harmful.Therefore Rosie has knocked her over the head.

Also, I really don't like her "California Gurlz" video, what with the hyper-sexualized women and single, covered-up man. At least Lady Gaga has the audacity to make MEN sex objects. And, when she does, she points it out.